Holiday decorating tips for beginners!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I just love all of the lights and decorations this time of year! So peaceful and romantic! Is it just me or does this time of year help remind you of how precious life is, and how thankful we should be for everyone around us! (especially this year in 2020).

I am normally a home decor neutral lover, but there is just something so classic about the traditional colours Red and Green at Christmas time. There are so many things you can do at Christmas to make your perfect holiday home. The first thing you should do when decorating your home for the holidays is decide your colour scheme. Whether it’s the traditional Red and Green, or maybe you want a more holiday glam look with Silver and Gold. Some people even love a “POP” of colour like Purple and Gold or Navy and Silver, there are so many options. Following a certain colour scheme or theme is going to give you a more “put together” and glamours look!


#1 A Christmas tree. #2 pre-lit garland, display it on your fireplace mantle. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home you could hang it on a railing or display it on a buffet. I have hung it around door frames or even on the top of kitchen cabinets. (Command strips are awesome for this, easy to put up and easy to take down at the end of the season). Purchasing a Christmas tree and garland is an investment, you choose your own accessories, and this is where you can really create the WOW factor in your home with your chosen holiday colour scheme. The best part is if you decide to change your colour scheme down the road, you can just change out the accessories on your tree or garland to give it a completely different and fresh look! I don’t know about you but I am someone who definitely likes to recreate and try new looks throughout my home and Christmas decorating is no different “out with the old in with the new”! #3 Accessories go out and purchase yourself some Christmas decor items, whether it’s nutcrackers you love or Santa’s you want to spread around. Holiday balls are great they can be used on the tree in a vase. Buy a bunch of small to medium size decoration pieces that you can spread throughout your home. You don’t have to go overboard if you are just starting your collection. You can incorporate your Christmas decor items with your everyday decorating pieces (this will also prevent you from having to find somewhere to store your everyday decor items, especially if your tight for space). A few rules I follow when creating different holiday focal points throughout my rooms are; find items that are different heights and different textures. Make sure when you are staging your grouping you are trying to use odd numbers, put taller items in the back and smaller ones at the front. Try and keep groupings tight and do not leave to much negative space around them.

Of course as the years go by your collection will grow (as mine has) but this is a good place to start. Hope this helps!

I would love for you to share any feedback or comments that you have regarding my post, and PLEASE share your holiday set-up pictures with me!

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Have a great day everyone! Smile!


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4 thoughts on “Holiday decorating tips for beginners!

  1. JUST BEAUTIFUL😍these Christmas decorating ideas are gorgeous! I wish I could make my place look this good! I will definitely be following you for more ideas!

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