5 Tips to creating a gorgeous grey nursery!

Let the nursery fun begin! Designing your soon to be little ones new place to sleep and grow is very exciting! You will be spending a lot of time in there, so it is well worth the time and energy to make it a space you and your little one will love.

There is a reason why grey is such a popular colour for home decor, it’s a perfect modern neutral.

Grey matches pretty much everything! Whether you’re wanting to create a neutral colour scheme, a monochromatic colour scheme or even accent it with pops of colour.

Here are 5 tips for creating a gorgeous grey nursery;

1-Chose the right paint shade

There are many shades of grey and each evokes its own mood! It can be cool highlighting blue tones, it can be warm highlighting yellow tones. Be careful when selecting your paint colour, I suggest you buy some testers and paint a small area of the room. Paint each colour side by side, this way you can make sure when the natural light comes through the window in the morning, or when the sun goes down at night, you end up with the colour you desire. Grey can change when your using overhead lighting or even lamps, so make sure you are happy with what you have chosen before you paint the whole space. I have had to repaint a grey room before, well my husband has (sorry hunny) lol

2-Add a complementary accent colour

When it comes to picking the perfect accent pallet, pretty much anything goes with grey. For our nursery we decided to stay neutral using mostly white as our accent colour and incorporating natural wood tones. But you can’t go wrong if you want to be more adventurous by using pastel pink, aqua, mint or even lavender. Anything goes!

3-Create contrast

Grey is best set against its parent colours which are; Black and White. For our space I chose to use mostly white. White accents keep grey looking clean and bright.

4-Play with pattern

A little pattern play can go a long way! It can really make the space pop. Bringing beautiful life to your design. I focused on areas like the bedding and the change pad, as well as some throw blankets and toy storage bins. When I created the gallery wall over the crib I also incorporated some fun items with pattern to give that “WOW” factor when walking in, and breaking up the monochromatic colour scheme. I have always loved the contrast between a beautiful neutral space with gorgeous wood accents.

5-Use texture

Incorporating some rich texture is another way to add some visual interest to your design. This is especially important in neutral spaces, they require a little more attention to detail. Try layering with a sleek faux fur rug and beautiful fabrics (sheets, throw blankets, curtains). Pair it with natural wood elements, some wicker storage baskets or maybe some natural wood art. I created a focal point over the crib with some darker and lighter wood pieces. The gallery wall is my favourite part of the room, I think it gives the space personality and I adore that it has love messages to my little one. I’ve personalized it with a custom galvanized metal letter representing our babies name.

Nursery must haves;


2-Crib mattress

3-Crib Sheet

4-Dresser or changing table

5-Glider or rocking chair

6-Nursery storage

7-Nursery lighting


9-Window treatments


This amazing crib and dresser was purchase @thebabysroom in St. Jacobs and the gorgeous Divinci Grey glider with white pipping came from @wayfair.com. Many of the accessories including; the mirror, lamp, metal storage shelf, faux fur throw and wall decor came from my all time favourite store @homsensecanada

I decided to go with a minimalist approach and I really love how this came out!

Well there you have it! I hope this post helped give you some nursery inspiration if your putting one together yourself. And if not I hope it made you smile! If you have any questions ask away in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!


Published by tarynfalconerdesignstudio

I am a mom of 2, married to my best friend and living the dream! I love all things design and I am very excited to share with you all my DIY, decor inspiration & interior decorating ideas!

6 thoughts on “5 Tips to creating a gorgeous grey nursery!

  1. I am doing a grey nursery too. This was a great topic and something to be shared with all new moms and great decor inspo thanks for the share Taryn!

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  2. Wow what an absolutely stunning nursery! You are so talented.. what a lucky little one you have. Your going to have so many great me memories in that room.

    Liked by 1 person

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